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I’m Michelle Jolene, and I’m beyond excited to have you here with me! I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach and Life Coach. And I started 40yearflip--a self help blog that focuses on empowering woman over the age of 40 to flip their habits, flip their health, flip their happiness, flip their confidence, and flip their lives to reach their full potential.

Don't flip out. Flip your life.

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Hi, can I talk to you a sec about sugar? You love it. You hate it. You love to hate it. But do you know the effects sugar can have on your body, mind, and beauty? 


I’m sure you already know sugar is bad for your health. You might know that it causes mood swings, too. But, did you know that sugar causes pre-mature aging? Including facial wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, and sagginess in our neck and chin area? 

No kidding. And that’s not all. Sugar could be harming you in more ways that you realize…

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