Day 5: 40yearflip Mindset Challenge

Day 5: 40yearflip Mindset Challenge

DAy 5: Makeover your spaces


1. Start small. Pick one space and start making it your happy place. Don’t try and do your entire house all at once. Devise a schedule, and tackle on thing at a time.

2. Make it beautiful - pick some fresh flowers or choose new throw pillows (you are worthy of beautiful spaces).

3. Set a timer for one hour and get on Pinterest for some organization inspiration. Just be sure to end your session when the timer goes off, and immediately to flipping your designated space.

4. Organize your digital space! Organize the files on your desktop. A desktop with 50 icons looks chaotic. Organized into tidy folders? Bring on the zen! Clean out your inbox. Having 1,500 unread emails = overwhelm. Unsubscribe from any newsletters or notifications that aren’t integral to your daily life.

5. Make a rule that if you don’t absolutely love it and if it doesn’t make you smile - it doesn’t stay in the house. Keeping possessions streamlined and creating the perfect space is a lot easier when you reduce the number of things in your space.

6. Find your comfort zone. Not everyone wants a perfectly clean environment. Maybe you are inspired by having a stack of books around you or a few more tchtochis than your minimalist neighbor. Maybe you need a bit of mess to be motivated to rock your life. Take a few minutes and determine what “perfect” means for you.

Keep Your Momentum Going!

Yay! You made it all the way through the challenge. Are you proud? I’m proud!

How did you do on your 5-Day 40yearflip Mindset Challenge?

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