Day 4: 40yearflip Mindset Challenge

Day 4: 40yearflip Mindset Challenge

day 4: Oh, joy!

How to Bring More Joy Into Your Life

1. Pick some fresh flowers.

2. Dig out a piece of jewelry or accessory you haven’t worn in a while.

3. Discover a new happy song. Ask Alexa or Siri to for suggestions.

4. Do a good deed.

5. Take yourself on a coffee date to your favorite coffee shop.

6. Wear a color that makes you feel fantastic.

7. Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

8. Have a picnic in your backyard.

9. Bake or cook a recipe you’ve had in like 6 months. Bonus points if it involves more than 5 steps. Extra bonus points if you share it online.

10. Go to a bookstore and browse until a book jumps out at you.

11. Do a puzzle or play a board game with a loved one.

12. Send someone you care about a text and tell them something nice.

13. Take a nap and refuse to feel guilty about it.

14. Give up your seat on the bus for someone else.

15. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line.

16. Have a bubble bath (or foot soak) when everyone else in your life is busy.

17. Play tourist in your own town.

18. Go for a bike ride.

19. Go for a leisurely walk - without your phone. Bonus points if you take your pet.

20. Donate your unwanted items to someone in need.

21. Laugh - go to see a funny movie, plan a date with someone hilarious in your life. Laughter is good for the soul... and the brain.

22. Plan a weekend away somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and write it in BOLD on your calendar. The anticipation of a fun outing can add joy to every day leading up to it!

Keep Your Momentum Going!

Keep your spirits high and your momentum going.

I know as well as anyone how hard it can be to flip your life. We are creatures of nature, after all. But I 100% believe in you!

How are you progressing in your 5-Day 40yearflip Mindset Challenge?

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Don’t flip out. Flip your life.