Day 2: 40yearflip Mindset Challenge

Day 2: 40yearflip Mindset Challenge

Day 2: Unplug

The time has come... to disconnect.

Don't panic! I don't want you toss your MacBook in the sea and head off to join a commune. I just want you to give yourself a brief interlude. It can be for as short or long as you want it to be.

Put your phone in airplane mode, and take a walk.

Go into your room and close your door, and just feel the silence and the sensation of being alone.

Read a book or a magazine in the bathtub.

Check out the handout of the day for 15 easy ways to detox from social media without losing your mind.

Choose 2 new strategies to implement and COMMIT to putting them into action today.


1. Put your phone away at dinner.

2. Even better - institute a cell phone basket. Everyone puts their devices into the basket during meal times, after dinner, for one hour before bed.

3. No electronics in the bedroom - the bedroom should be reserved for sleeping, relaxing, and love making. I promise, you don't need you phone for any of those.

4. Uninstall unnecessary apps from your phone, or even better, get rid of time-sucking apps. Do you spend way too much time zoning out on Candy Crush? Get rid of the extra noise.

5. Reply to your emails all at once (set a specific time) rather than replying as they come 6. Turn off your notifications. If someone needs you ASAP, they can call.

7. Get up and get out. Go for a walk, go for a hike, schedule an outing with your kids. It’s much easier to stay off social media when your body is moving!

womanwatching sunrise.jpg

8. Cut down on the guilty pleasures. If you’re following celebrity Twitter fights, and endlessly scrolling the comments sections of political Facbook posts (I'm so guilty of this), and just love spinning down the Pinterest hole, pick just one to focus on for now. That will automatically reduce your scrolling time!

9. Get a library card. Reading can be a way of relaxing and “checking out” too... but it actually improves mental health rather than damaging it.

10. Set limits on your social media and online time. For example, no social media after 8pm and before 9am. No social media on the weekends.

11. Make it a group effort! You will be more successful when you have the support and accountability of those around you. So get your significant other, kids or BFF on board. Send them a link to join the 40yearflip Mindset Challenge.

Keep Your Momentum Going!

Keep your spirits high and your momentum going.

I know as well as anyone how hard it can be to flip your life. We are creatures of nature, after all. But I 100% believe in you!

How are you progressing in your 5-Day 40yearflip Mindset Challenge?

Head online and let us know so you can inspire other 40yearflip friends. Tag us at #40yearflip