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Hey there, I’m so excited to meet you here on my About Page. I’m sure you’re here to find out exactly who I am and what this whole 40yearflip thing is all about. Well, you’re in the right place; so here goes… 

My journey to actively flipping my life began about four years ago. Back then, I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life, treading water, waiting for it all to be over. Ok, so, that sounded a tad too morbid. Let me clarify; I didn’t want to die. I just didn’t want to do, well, anything, really.

I was numb.  

I was exhausted all the time.

I was full of dread over my life, my future, and my place in the world.

I had the self-esteem of a squashed snail on the sidewalk.

I was unorganized and scatterbrained (hello, brain fog!)

I felt old and run down, and I was only 36!

I had an unbalanced relationship with food, and I was convinced that a cheese board, washed down with some Sauvignon Blanc was the secret cure for everything. (And even though the next day, I’d wake up pissed off at myself for eating and drinking too much, I STILL did it the next day, and the next, and all the damn time.)

And I wasn’t able to do anything about any of this, because I didn’t know how. 

I lived this way for years! In fact, I spent fourteen years floating through my mornings to nights in a life, and mentality, that kept me lost at sea, and feeling like crap.

And I couldn’t change it. 

You see, because, to make a change, you must first decide to change. And, my friends, making decisions was never something I was any good at. To be honest, I never did make the decision to change my life for the better, not in the way I want you to, at least. 

You see, a series of unfortunate events (not the awesome kids’ book, but an actual progression of heartbreaking incidents), cumulated into a tragedy, and forced me into a sink or swim situation. Not an ideal situation to be in, I assure you. I barely, BARELY, chose swim. But I did. And I’m so thankful.

The transformation from who I was (see sad list above) to who I am now (I think I’m kind of awesome, thanks) took many years, and involved: 

1.   Implementing massive life changes

2.   Devouring a million and one self-help books

3.   Seeking out extremely expensive professional therapy and personal coaching

4. Hopping on every diet bandwagon featured on the internet, and then, after a month or so, hopping right back off

5.   Devising plans to stop sucking at life

6.   Failing at those plans and starting over and over and over and over and…

7.   Devising new Stop Sucking at Life Plans

8.   Surviving a dizzying loop of steps 1-6 for a few years

9.   Slowly figuring this 40yearflip stuff out, and feeling young and alive, looking better with age, and living awesomely. (Yay, finally!)

10. Going back to school for my certification as a Health and Wellness Coach, so that I can help other women who feel unhealthy, old, and unbalanced, so that they can feel great, glow from within, and live awesomely, too. 

I want to show you how to you to flip your habits, your diet, your mentality, and your self-confidence, so you can live a life that feels authentic, healthy, fulfilling, younger and by-design. So that, you can stop feeling unhealthy, unmotivated, old, and disconnected, and start feeling like your life is freaking amazing. 

Because it will be!

Because once you make the commitment to flip your life by implementing easy-to-do flips in your diet, habits, and mindset, your life will become healthier, richer, fuller, and be YOUR OWN. And you will be the person everyone else looks at and says, “Damn, she’s got her shit together!” 

And you won’t have to sacrifice anything to flip your life, not your obligations at work, not time with your kids, nothing. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Women tend to put everyone and everything before themselves. Well, today, you should do something just for you! 

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Ok, whew! So, we established at the beginning of this long About Me page that you came her to see who I am and what this whole 40yearflip thing is all about. So, if that satisfied you, click your way over to the fun stuff, the inspirational stuff, the helpful stuff, and the other good stuff.

Or, you’re welcome to email me with questions, comments, or just to say hi. 

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I was going to take a picture of me doing an actual flip, but I'm 42, and I don't want to break anything. So, here I am, sitting comfortably.

I was going to take a picture of me doing an actual flip, but I'm 42, and I don't want to break anything. So, here I am, sitting comfortably.


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