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How to Slay Your Goals and Avoid Overwhelm

Flip: From #AllTheThings to Slay Your Goals

Let me guess, you’ve got plans. Big ones. Goals too—lots of them. Well, then, ladies, let’s learn how to slay your goals and avoid overwhelm.

Slay Your Goals

You start with a small plan, and then you think and think about it, and your little plan to becomes #allthethings!. For example, say you decide that you are going to start eating healthy. And, after you decide on this pretty vague, general goal, your plan to eat healthy has suddenly morphed into something like this:

I’m going to wake up every morning at 5am, go for a 5 mile jog, while listening to self-help audiobooks, and plan out my entire week while running, and while listening to the self-help audiobooks. Then, when I get home, I’m going to make a kale shake with every superfood known to man blended up in it, and take some supplements, and then I’m going to pack another shake to take to work, because I’m never going to have take out every again for the rest of my life. Like ever.

And then, at work, on my lunch break, I’m going to powerwalk around the parking lot while chugging my health shake and listening to more self-help audiobooks. And then, after work, I’m going to go to the gym and join pilates, yoga, spinning, indoor paddleboarding, and sign up to run a marathon. Or better, yet, I’ll sign up to run every marathon in America! 

And then what happens? 

·      You don’t do any of it because you are overcome with overwhelm. 

·      You blame yourself for not achieving any of your goals. 

·      You end up feeling like poo poo about yourself. And then you eat 2 pints of ice cream, while binge watching HGTV, all the while, beating yourself up with negative, self-deprecating thoughts. 

Sound familiar?

I know it does, because we all go through this.

You are not alone. You are not defective. You are not bad at sticking to plans. You are not unable to reach goals. 

You just got caught in the cycle of #allthethings!. And the cycle of #allthethings keeps you from slaying your goals.

We all want to be our best. And our brain sometimes tricks us, and sets us up for failure, but trying to rush us into being our ideal self.

But no worries, because I’m going to tell you exactly what’s happening in that well-meaning brain of yours, and, most importantly, how to flip those thoughts it so you can slay your goals, every time with the one-flip-at-a-time method.

Slay Your Goals 2

Yes, your brain means well. It’s trying to make you be your best self. But, often, in this pursuit, it kicks into overdrive, and lays out a plan that, when executed correctly, takes time. 

So what’s the solution? How can you flip from #AllTheThings to focused goal setting and slaying your goals with the one-flip-at-a-time method?

1.   The first step is to recognize when your brain flips into #allthethings! mode. 

2.   Next, tell yourself to stop the cycle. 

3.   Understand that your self-worth is not dependent upon whether or not you can manage #allthethings! or not. Don’t value yourself so low. 

4.   Now, it’s time to actually tackle the initial goal. Likely, when you decide to take on #allthethings!, you actually started with a small goal in mind, before you let your brain go into perfectionism mode. Focus on that one small thing. Set out a single, achievable goal for yourself, and a realistic timeline to work toward and slay your goal.

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For example, say you decide that you’re going to make yourself a kale and berry shake every weeknight before bed, so that in the morning, when you are rushing to get ready, your healthy breakfast is ready for you. You don’t need to think about it. The work was done the night before. Great. That is a single, attainable goal.

Set out to slay it. Repeat this one goal until it becomes a habit--until you do this naturally as part of your evening and morning routine. Once it’s part of your routine, you have successfully slayed your goal!

5.   Once this goal has been slain, add in a second goal. Let’s say you are firmly in the habit of making your weekday shakes at night, and drinking them every morning. Now, what is the next small, attainable goal you can work into your routine? Do you want to add in 20 minutes of walking in the morning? Add it in.

Once you figured out how to slay your goal, and the morning walk has become part of your daily routine, you could choose to add in a 3rd, attainable goal. And so on and so forth, until you are slaying it forever and always.

6.   Avoid the temptation of #allthethings!. Once you have reached a milestone, your brain is going to try to convince you to that you can handle adding in a few more goals, and speeding up your timeline. Do not fall for it. Keep your momentum slow and steady. Be the tortoise, not the hare!

7.   Do not let your #allthethings! brain convince you that small victories are not enough. Be proud of every victory, every reached goal. In fact, be proud of every attempt at reaching a goal. 

8.   Do not criticize yourself too harshly if you don’t perfect every goal, every time. Instead, celebrate your small wins, and forgive yourself for small missteps. If you do miss a goal. Shake it off and try again.

Keep that momentum going!

Flipping from #allthethings! to focused goal setting and achieving takes practice and patience with yourself. But it is worth it. You are training yourself to be a goal-slaying master.

Slay Your Goals and Avoid Overwhelm with the One Flip At A Time Method

Slay Your Goals and Avoid Overwhelm with the One Flip At A Time Method

Implement this one-flip-at-a-time method every time you want to achieve something. By using this method, you rewire your brain and train it to slay your goals in a focused and organized manner, designed to set you up for success. And, once you start slaying those goals, you will learn to think of yourself as a goal slayer, which in turn, will make it even easier to continue on your journey to a better you.

You have it in you to slay those goals. I believe in you. What are you big goals, and how can you slay them by flipping from #allthethings! to focused goal setting and achieving? Lay them out in the comments! And then hit the slay button.

Did someone say slay button? Well, here it is! I’ve made a handy-dandy worksheet, just for you, so that you can flip from#AllTheThings to focused goal setting and achieving, no matter what your goals are.