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How to Have More Energy Every Day

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One of the most common concerns I hear from women is that they feel their energy levels are slipping lower and lower with each passing year. They ask me how they can have more energy to get through their days without feeling worn down, and blah. I mean, we all know the feeling, right?


But just because we no longer have the energy of a twenty-year old, doesn’t mean we have to resign to a life of yawning, cat-napping, and wondering if 8:00 pm is an acceptable time to go to bed (it, totally is, by the way.) 


By changing a few of your daily habits, you can have more energy every day, so that you can be more productive, and have the energy to not only do what you need to do, but also the things that bring you joy and peace like a hobby you think you don’t have time for. 


 How to Have More Energy in the Morning


Having a good start to your day is vital to having a day full of positivity and energy. Have you ever hit the snooze button so many times that you had to rush out of the house, without taking any time for yourself? Yeah, me, too. We’ve all been there. How did you feel for the rest of the day? I’m willing to bet you felt unorganized, rushed, and probably grumpy to boot. 


Starting your day off rushed sets off a domino effect that will make your entire day off kilter. This domino effect sets you up for a mumbled and jumbled sort of day. First, you don’t have time to relax and plan out your day, so you aren’t mentally prepared for the day ahead. Then, you don’t have time for a few moments of peace, so you feel anxious. Then, you don’t have time for breakfast, so you grab something you know you shouldn’t eat and dash. Then, you forget something important like your wallet or a report for work. Once you’re caught in the domino effect, it can be next to impossible to stop it from all tumbling down. 

An energetic, productive, and good-vibes day starts with a good morning. 

You Snooze You Lose 


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Resist the snooze button! I know getting up with the first alarm is pretty damn hard. But did you know that waking up and falling back asleep for a few minutes, only to wake up again zaps your energy? That little cat nap signals to your body that you are too tired to wake up. It will make you sleepier, and not just for the morning, but for the entire day. It can be hard as hell to flip this habit, but you just have to train yourself to get up as soon as your alarm goes off.

10 or 15 minutes can make or break your morning. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than you normally do, and make it a goal to wake up as soon as the alarm goes off.


Another benefit to waking up 15 minutes earlier is that these 15 minutes can be used as a gift to yourself—a gift of self care. Nothing zaps our energy more than stress, so beat stress to the punch by taking good care of yourself.


Easy flips to add into your morning routine to start your day off stress-free:


·     Sit up in your bed, stretch and spend 5 minutes breathing deeply

·     Write out your to-do list and get yourself psyched to cross everything off your list today

·     Get on YouTube and do a 15 minute at-home yoga sech


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Bump Up Your Energy with Some Morning Exercise

Getting your blood pumping in the morning is one of the best ways to flip from zzzzzzzzz to energized. Taking an early morning jog may not sound appealing at 6:00, but once you get used to it, there’s no going back. If you aren’t used to exercising in the morning, start off with small attainable goals. A 5,000-step brisk walk is perfectly adequate! 

An early morning walk works double-duty toward your health and wellness goals—firstly, you get your body moving and fit, and secondly, you get to clear your mind. Win/win. During the day, we are all so busy that we forget to take time out for ourselves. If you get in the habit of exercising in the morning, you are setting yourself up for success.

Up-Level Your Morning Shower


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Let’s flip from thinking about the shower as just a time and place to get you clean and presentable to the public. Let’s make a mini spa time out of our morning shower (or evening shower—I know people have some strong opinions on if they should shower in the morning or before bed. And your opinions are valid, girl, valid.) 


Shower time is a great time to relax. Get that temperature just right and take a minute to feel the water wash over you. Water is therapeutic and does wonders for our souls. Mindfully breathe in the scents from your shampoos and soaps and give yourself some zen time. 

While you are alone with yourself, and naked, use this time to be thankful to your body. Pass no judgement on your body. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, and you are grateful for your body. Tell yourself that you are full of energy and excited for the day ahead. Get your positivity vibes flowing! You deserve to love yourself. Get in the habit of doing this every time you shower. At first, you’ll have to remind yourself, but soon it will become a habit. Starting your day off with self love and a positive outlook will boost your spirits, which in turn, will boost your energy.

If you can handle a bit of zing in the morning, consider contrast showering (which is simply switching from hot water to cold water during your shower.) Studies show that contrast showering boosts immunity, improves blood circulation, regulates body temperature, enhances lymphatic movements and deepens breathing. A cold shower also has an effect on your mood by alleviating depression and increasing energy and wellbeing. The hot water brings blood flow to the skin’s surface while the cold water brings blood flow inward to the organs. This is beneficial for detox and circulation.

Some people alternate between hot and cold water in spurts to support lymphatic drainage, such as 3 minutes of hot water, and then 3 minutes of cold. Others, however, start with a hot shower and then ease the water temperature down, ending with 30 seconds under cold water.  

How to Have More Energy with Clean Eating

Do I even have to tell you that starting your day off with a healthy breakfast is uber-important if you want to have more energy? Eat a breakfast that nourishes your body and your soul by choosing a breakfast that makes you feel proud for making a good choice first thing in the morning, is good for your health, and tastes great, so that your happy taste buds improve your mood, too. Avoid added sugar in the morning. The last thing you need is to experience a sugar crash! This is how many people zap away their energy!

Instead, aim for a breakfast that incorporates protein, as protein will fill you up so that you don’t feel hungry and start snacking before lunch. 


Here are some great clean-eating breakfast ideas.


Also, learn why you should swap your morning coffee for some matcha.


Now, eating for energy doesn’t stop at breakfast! If you bring your lunch to work, hopefully you’ve prepared a healthy, clean eating lunch the night before so that you can grab it and go!


Eating for Energy Lunch Ideas:


Spinach and Arugula Salad with Lemon Turmeric Dressing


For the salad:

2 cups baby spinach

2 cups arugula 

1 cup canned chickpeas, drained and rinsed

1 cup sprouts

2 tablespoons hemp seeds

1 avocado

sea salt and black pepper to taste


This will make enough for 2 lunch salads. Put 1 cup each of the baby spinach and the arugula in glass to-go containers, then put half of the remaining ingredients in each container. 


For the dressing:

½ cup extra virgin olive oil

Juice of 2 lemons

1 teaspoon turmeric

½ teaspoon ground ginger

sea salt and black pepper to taste

1 teaspoon honey (optional)

sea salt and black pepper to taste



Combine all ingredients in a mason jar with a lid and shake until well blended. Put a single serving in a small to-go container and dress salad just before eating it. Store remaining dressing in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.



Veggie and Quinoa Mason Jar Lunch


1 head of broccoli, chopped

2 carrots, chopped

2 tablespoons melted coconut oil

1/2  tsp cumin

sea salt and black pepper to taste

1 lemon


Basic Quinoa Recipe

1 cup uncooked quinoa

2 cups water or vegetable broth (chicken stock works well, too)

1/2 teaspoon salt


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.



In a medium saucepan bring the 2 cups water or broth and 1/2 teaspoon salt to a boil over high heat. Add quinoa and reduce heat to low. Cover and cook for 18-20 minutes, or until all water is absorbed and the quinoa is tender. Allow to cool. Alternatively, quinoa can be made in a rice cooker, as well.



Spread chopped vegetables out on a baking sheet, drizzle with warmed coconut oil, and sprinkle with cumin, salt and pepper. Use your hands or a spatula to mix and shake baking sheet so that the vegetables are all on one layer. Bake for approximately 20 minutes. 


Depending on the size of the mason jars you use, this will make 2-3 jars. Fill each mason jar half way with quinoa. Layer on the veggies and squeeze a half a lemon over each serving of vegetables. 



How to Have More Energy Throughout the Day

Learn to Identify Your Body’s Productivity Schedule

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We are all wired differently. Some of us are naturally morning people, and some of us are night owls. Tune into your body and see when you are functioning your best.

Are you groggy in the morning, but in the late afternoon have a burst of energy? Then, try to schedule your exercise or your chores in the afternoon. Do you wake up early but feel too drained after work to accomplish anything? Use those morning hours to prep for dinner so that you can just pop it in the oven or have your slow cooker ready and full of goodness when you get home. Move your self-care time to the evening during the time you used to cook dinner. You do you.



Rule the Afternoon Slump by Being Prepared to Fight Against It


We all know what that afternoon slump feels like, when it’s about 3:00 in the afternoon, and you’re wondering how you’re going to make it to bedtime without falling asleep, face first, into your dinner. Most of us turn to coffee or sugar to get us over the hump, but let’s explore other ways to have more energy in the afternoon.


1.   Take a 5-Minute Brisk Walk


Get moving, girl! 5 minutes is all you need to get a little movement into your afternoon. This is especially important for those of us who work at a desk. If the weather permits, take a walk outside and really be in the moment. Take in the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Feel the temperature of the air. If the weather’s bad or if you don’t have access to a safe place to walk in the afternoon, walk the hallways or take a flight of stairs. Getting your body moving and your muscles warmed up will give you a burst of energy.


2.   Get Your Essential Oil Boost On


Diffuse oils that will awaken your senses and motivate you. Essential oils are a great way to shift your mood, calm or invigorate your senses, and more. For an afternoon pick-me-up try this recipe:


Click the Pic to Learn More About Essential Oils

Click the Pic to Learn More About Essential Oils

Afternoon Motivation


4 Drops Frankincense

3 Drops Peppermint

2 Drops Lemon


I love recommending this recipe because all the oils can be found in the Family Essential Starter Kit, so anyone with that introductory kit has all the oils they need, on hand, to make this oil blend themselves.



3.   Do the 5 Sense Flip


When you are feeling sluggish and disconnected, take a moment to be in the moment by using a method I call the 5 Sense Flip. Observing more of the world around you nourishes your mental state. Check in with yourself throughout the day and ask yourself if you are actually living in the moment. Living in zombie mode is one of the best ways to zap your energy! 


When you walk, feel your feet pressing into the ground, hear the sounds around you, feel the temperature of the air. Just be where you are and let all your 5 senses work for you. When you feel disconnected, a good trick is to implement the 5 Sense Flip: check in with your senses and ask yourself--What do I see? hear? smell? feel? taste? This is a great little flip to pull you out of the blah-zone and into living in the moment. Try it!


Click the Pic for Recipe

Click the Pic for Recipe

4.    Have a Clean-Eating Healthy Snack


Of course, one of the best ways to boost your energy is to nibble on a healthy snack.

Although your body will be begging you for a caffeine injection or a sugar jolt, resist the urge, my friend. Instead, reach for some healthy, clean-eating snacks to help you fight the afternoon slump. 

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 How to Have More Energy the Next Day


Skin Brush Before Bed 


Skin brushing is easy to do, feels good and supports your lymphatic system, kidneys, and liver so that they can get to work and flush your body of toxins. This will not only make you feel healthier; it will help boost your energy. 


How to skin brush:

·     Get a skin brush (made for this purpose). They are super affordable.

·     Always brush toward your heart with the flow of the lymphatic fluid.

·     Start with the soles of your feet, move up your legs using a circular motion.

·     Brush from fingertips to shoulders, then chest toward your heart in long strokes. Use small, gentle circular strokes in your armpits.

·     Move in a circular motion counterclockwise on your stomach to respect the direction of digestion and encourage detoxification.


And there you have it! Now you know how to have more energy all day long. 


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Do you feel like your energy levels are getting lower with each passing year? How do you fight the battle of the zzzzzzzzzs? Let me know in the comments below!


Clean Eating Breakfast Tips and Recipes

Clean Eating Breakfast

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One question I get asked a lot is how to manage clean eating for breakfast. So many of us are accustomed to eating processed cereals, pre-mixed yogurt and fruit with added sugars, and toasted bread products in the morning, that clean eating for breakfast sounds like a difficult challenge.

I assure you, it is not. In fact, clean eating breakfast recipes are delicious, filling, and satisfying. And, they don’t have to be complicated, especially first thing in the morning.

Clean Eating Breakfast Tip 1: Shop for Clean Foods with a List

First thing’s first, you have to have clean foods in your home in order to prepare clean foods. So that means, you’ll have to do some grocery shopping. I suggest always having a list before shopping. I don’t know about you, but once I hit 40, I had to start making lists of anything and everything I needed to actually remember.

I make monthly and weekly meal plans out with coordinating shopping lists. I send the list to myself on my phone so that I am sure to have it with me when I shop. That way, I never forget that one super-important ingredient I need, AND, just as importantly, I never overshop and blow my food budget on things I don’t really need. I try to minimize my food budget by buying exactly what I need because I hate throwing away unused produce and other grocery items; it’s a waste of money, resources, and is bad for the planet.

If you have Instacart (get $10 off with link) or Amazon Fresh in your area, I highly suggest using them. They deliver all your groceries to your door. I find ordering groceries online is much easier than shopping in the store. I just go down my grocery list, type everything I’m looking for in the search function, and choose my groceries. Then, I save my cart for next time, since there are a lot of staples that I order on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Easy, peasy.

In the grocery store, stick to your list. Do not be tempted by the toaster pastries, the “low-carb” cereals, or the instant breakfast drinks. None of these are your friends. The foods you want are mostly located in the produce section, meat and seafood aisle, and dairy aisle (but purchasing non-dairy items.) When shopping for your clean eating breakfasts, you want to purchase foods that are unprocessed, without any added sugar, are gluten free and dairy-free.

Foods to Avoid:

Clean Eating Breakfast 2

·      Added sugar and artificial sweeteners  

·      Alcohol

·      Corn (grain)

·      Dairy

·      Gluten/Wheat

·      Nitrates (lunch meats)

·      Processed foods

·      Processed meats (sausages, hot dogs, etc)

·      Soft drinks

·      Soy products

·      White potatoes

·      Yeast (bread, cakes, etc)

Clean Eating Breakfast Tip 2: Prepare as Much as Possible the Night Before

You already know how important it is to have a morning routine, right? So that you start your day off in a peaceful and organized manner that, hopefully, will set the tone for your day. If you are pressed for time in the morning, and who isn’t, prepare as much of your clean eating breakfast foods in the evening the night before and stored in mason jars. If you don’t have a supply of mason jars, get some! They are so handy and can replace a lot of single-use and multi-use plastics in your home. Get a variety of sizes for different needs:

  • Use 8 ounce jars for drinks (easy to measure out your 8 8oz cups of water a day), snacks, salad dressings and sauces. Also, 8 ounces are great for overnight oats, and chia seed puddings.

  • Use 16 ounce jars for smoothies, and the perfect lunch-sized portions of soups, and mason jar lunches.

  • Use 24 ounce jars for larger portions of soups/lunches, mason jar salads, and larger portions of smoothies (sometimes I have do this and have half in the morning and put the lid back on and take the other half with me for a mid-morning pick me up!)

  • Smoothies can be made the night before and stored in mason jars.

  • Your morning lemon water can be made either in a mason jar the night before, or it can be made in a large pitcher and last for several days.

  • Gluten-free overnight oats or chia seed puddings are prepared the evening before and soak overnight to be ready in the morning. (Again, use those mason jars!)

  • Breakfast-friendly soups (yes, I said breakfast-friendly soups!) can be prepared and stored in containers or mason jars.

  • Quinoa can be made for dinner and repurposed as a hearty gluten-free breakfast the next morning.

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Clean Eating Breakfast Tip 3: Get Hydrated Before You Eat

Start every day off with a glass of lemon water before you have a single bite of your clean eating breakfast.

  • Get a big old mason jar and fill it 3/4 with filtered water.

  • Get half a lemon and squeeze it in.

  • Drink it up!

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If you want to start your day off with a punch of antioxidants and a boost of energy, try incorporating matcha into your daily routine as well.

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Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes

Clean Eating Breakfast Smoothie

Clean Eating Breakfast Smoothie

1 ½ cups coconut water (or regular water if you don’t have coconut water on hand)

1 banana

1 orange, without peel

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1 handful berries

dash of turmeric

Combine all ingredients in your blender, and blend until smooth. For cold milkshake-like smoothie, add ice and blend. If necessary, add more liquid to achieve desired consistency.

Coco-Berry Chia Pudding

Serves 2

1 cup almond milk

1/2 cup of chia seeds

1 handful fresh berries (whatever is in season and on sale!)

2 tablespoons raw honey

1 teaspoon cacao powder

dash of cinnamon

dash of ground ginger

Mix the almond milk, honey, cacao, cinnamon, ginger in a bowl. Once it is well mixed, add chia seeds and mix again. Allow the mixture to set overnight. In the morning, add fresh berries of your choice.

Pepper and Egg Boats

Serves 2

2 large bell peppers (red or yellow)

4 large eggs

Sea salt and black pepper, to taste

1 avocado, sliced

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.

Place the peppers stem side up on a flat surface. Slice the peppers from the stem, down towards the surface. Remove the seeds. Place each pepper half on a baking pan, preferably lined with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Crack one egg into each pepper half. Season with sea salt and black pepper. Place in a hot oven. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Serve topped with sliced avocado.

Dairy-Free Greek Yogurt with Strawberries

Serves 1

Clean Eating Breakfast Yogurt

1 cup vanilla non-dairy Greek yogurt (I prefer coconut milk yogurt)

1 cup fresh strawberries, sliced

2 tablespoons dried, unsweetened coconut (optional)

¼ cup gluten-free granola

Add the yogurt and strawberries to a serving bowl. Top with coconut and granola.

Breakfast Quinoa

Quinoa is super-popular, and for good reason, it’s a protein that you can eat as if it were a grain. A lot of people think that quinoa is a grain, but it isn’t, it’s actually seeds. Quinoa is healthy and gluten-free, so it’s an excellent alternative to grains for those of you who are grain free. And, even if you aren’t grain free, quinoa is nutty and delicious and very satisfying.

I make a huge batch of quinoa up every week to add to my meals. I make it directly in my under-$30 rice cooker, just following the basic directions for rice and it comes out perfectly every time.

I toss it in my salads for protein. I make quinoa and veggie bowls for dinner. And, I have Breakfast Quinoa on mornings when I want something warm, homey and filling.

Breakfast Quinoa


1 1/2 c cooked quinoa (from your weekly, pre-made batch)

1/2 c halved cherry or grape tomatoes

2 c baby spinach

1 egg prepared to your liking—I like poached best

1/4 tsp salt

1/8 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp Italian herbs

2 tbsp olive oil

Put halved cherry or grape tomatoes in a deep-sided bowl and season with salt, garlic powder, and Italian herbs.

Stir in olive oil

Add warmed, cooked quinoa to bowl.

Top with spinach and egg.


And there you have lots of great clean eating breakfast ideas to try to incorporate into your clean eating menus.

For a limited time, I’m offering my 40yearflip’s 4-Day Mini Cleanse for free to anyone who wants to reboot, refresh, and cleanse your body so that you can feel healthier, balanced, and more energetic. You’ll learn how to introduce clean eating strategies into your life. And I’ll provide you with all the recipes and tips you need to complete a 4-day clean eating challenge with no starvation, no all-liquid dieting, no potions or powders, and no gimmicks—just good, yummy clean-eating recipes. Because you deserve to do this for yourself, and because I believe in you.

This post may be sponsored or contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. See my full disclosure here.