How to Be Lucky When You Feel Like You Aren't a Lucky Person

Flip From Unlucky to Lucky: How to Be Lucky

I Start Every Day by Drinking my Morning Coffee from my Lucky Diamond Teacup (Literally)

How to Be Lucky

Yes, I'm serious. And, no, I'm not super rich, or royalty (at least not outside of my own mind.) I actually won it. Yes, I won a teacup with a 1.14 carat diamond, mounted on a ring, encircled around the handle of a oh-my-goodness-it's-gorgeous, teacup by potter, Bridget Bodenham.

How? Well, a Facebook ad by Tetley Tea popped up in the timeline, and I filled it in. And, even as I autofilled the info in, I never considered that I would actually win it. The contest was published just before the royal wedding, and I wanted to know which royal I was most like (Meghan Markle, naturally, in case you had any doubt!) So I took the quiz and entered the contest. 

A few weeks later, after the wedding was over, and after I stopped reading articles about my royal twin, Meghan, I got an email from Tetley Tea with the word, "Congratulations," in the title. I burst out laughing. I could not believe it. When my diamond-handled teacup arrived, and I held that hot little beauty in my hands, I believed it even less.

Everyone told me to me that I should sell it, but forget that! Every morning, when I drink my coffee out of my diamond teacup, I'm reminded about how lucky I am. And that makes me want to go out and be luckier every day. And that, makes more luck come my way. And, besides, it's so flipping pretty!

I'm up all night to get lucky. Nah, just kidding. I'm usually in bed by 9:30, 11:00 if I'm feeling spry.

I'm up all night to get lucky. Nah, just kidding. I'm usually in bed by 9:30, 11:00 if I'm feeling spry.

How to Be Lucky: Lucky People Create Landing Pads for Luck

I'm telling you this, not to show off, but because it was one of the reasons why I decided to start the 40yearflip blog. Before I started this journey, I never considered myself to be a lucky person. I used to be the type of person who would bemoan every little missed opportunity as "just my luck." I was 100%, totally, absolutely, and foolishly convinced that I was an unlucky person--that luck was something you were born with, like my fabulous cheekbones, and my not-so-fabulous, but still lovable, double chin.

But, by the time I had won the teacup, I was already a few years into my lifeflip, and I'd learned that luck isn't a trait or a possession. True, it’s still random. You can't muster luck up with positive thinking, or improve it with practice. But you can stack the odds in your favor by building landing pads for luck to fall on.

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Yes, it's about creating the space for luck to land in your life. When I filled in the contest form, I created a landing pad for luck to fall on. Creating the landing pad doesn't guarantee that luck will land in your life, but it makes it possible. And the more landing pads you build, the more chances you have of luck falling on you. Now, going out and randomly entering contests is definitely not the kind of luck you should be focused on. But, if you are scrolling through facebook, and a contest catches your eye, hey, there's no harm in taking 30 seconds to fill it out.

How to Be Lucky: Create landing pads for luck by flipping your habits and attitude

What we all really should be focused on is flipping our habits and our attitudes so we build landing pads for luck, so that we can live a life that looks naturally lucky to everyone else. Yes, luck is random and fickle, but the more landing pads we create, the more chances we have of being blessed with a little windfall from lady luck. And once you understand this, you will see that you begin to actively create these landing pads for luck. And, in turn, you will become a "lucky person."

How To Create Landing Pads for Luck

It seems so obvious, and yet, we all need a little reminder, and a little pep talk when it comes to creating landing pads for luck in our lives.

Remember, luck doesn't have you on radar. It flitters down, willy-nilly, looking for someplace to land. Give it that place. Be active in your pursuit of luck, by making it easier, and more likely, that luck will land on yo

I warned you that it was gorgeous, dah-ling!

I warned you that it was gorgeous, dah-ling!

5 Strategies to Create a Ton of Landing Pads for Luck aka How to Be Lucky

  • Be prepared for the unexpected: It is the lucky person who always has her umbrella when it starts to rain. It's the lucky person who has a savings account when she gets laid off. For some of us, this type of thinking ahead does not come naturally. I used to be prone to coasting into the gas station, with my control panel warning, "3 miles to empty." Now, I've trained myself to think ahead, and not just with gas--with doctors' appointments, home maintenance, kids' schooling, personal appointments, a well-stocked refrigerator, and on and on and on.

  • Be prepared mentally for the unexpected: The lucky girl knows that when things don't go her way today, that doesn't mean that luck won't land on her tomorrow. Roll with the punches, girl, and get right back up and build those landing pads. The more time you waste feeling like luck has unfairly passed you by, again, the less time you spend building those landing pads, and the more likely luck is going to keep passing you buy. Break that cycle!

  • Do unto others...: So they will do for you. The lucky girl treats everyone with respect and gets respect back. And, she naturally has a community. Every single relationship you build is another landing pad. If you build the right relationships, these people can help you build a plethora of landing pads. You never know how new people can expand and change your life. Every person you meet opens their world to you—their background, their experiences, their social circle, and more.

  • Keep a secret stash of cash: We all like having nice things, and we all fall into the trap of thinking that people who have the things we want are lucky. You can be lucky, too. Keep a secret stash and add small amounts to it on a regular basis. Small increments of money can really add up over time. I am a forgetful person, so I automate as much as possible in my life (thank the skies above I am alive in the age of apps), so I use the automatic stash-building app, Stash. I have my Stash app set to take very small amounts of money out of my account weekly. I put some into a Stash for retirement, and some into a Stash for an end-of-the-year treat for myself. The old-fashioned piggy bank method is still tried and true, however, so long as you keep your hands off the hammer!

  • Show up for opportunities:

  1. Need a date? They won't come knocking on your door, and if they do, that's creepy. Get yourself on an app. Show up to a speed dating night. Leave the house outside of work hours, and not just to go to the grocery store.

  2. Need a better job? Apply for better jobs, even the ones you think are out of your reach. The more jobs you apply to, the more landing pads you build. Show up to job fairs. Go to conferences in your related field (hey, tax write-off, double win.)

  3. Need some like minded friends? Go to the women's club in your town. Join and actually attend a Meetup that interests you. Join a bookclub. Join online forums (And, yes, online friends can become real friendships. Some of my best friends started off as online friends.)

So, get out there, ladies, and make yourself lucky. Flip to it!

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